Sarah Møller Pedersen

Professionel rytter
Tlf.: (+45) 20 32 01 46

Født: 19.11.81
Har redet siden 1985
10 klasse, HHX, Markedsføringsøkonom

Har været rytter hos:

  • Fam. Velin,
  • Christian Kjær,
  • Steen Bundgård,
  • Stall Maathuis (Holland),
  • Annemarie Straumann (Tyskland)

Special achivements:
Nordic Champion 2001, 5 times winner of Danish Championships for Senior Teams, B-Final winner of European Championships for YR 2002, Winner of several Junior and Young Rider Grand Prix tournaments. Nordic Silver and/or Bronce Medal winner every year 1996-2002 on Pony, as a Junior and YR.

Sarah has been riding before being able to walk, as daughter of European Champion Rinne Møller Pedersen and Chairman of the Danish Jumping Society Niels Ulrich Pedersen, she got her first pony at the age of 5 and Sarah has competed on national level, nordic level and internationally consistently ever since.

Sarah has trained in Denmark, Holland and Germany with top riders. Now Sarah has dedicated herself to also be giving back to the sport, and has established her own training and education facility in Jellinge; Klintholm Ridecenter. Here her aim is to train horses up to Grand Prix level and at the same time opening her doors for students at all levels – especially also para-riders.

Sarah also takes horses in for training at Klintholm, some of them with the purpose of sale.

Mine sportslige resultater gennem tiden

DM nr. 2
NM nr. 3
NM Hold nr. 2
EM hold nr.3
Vinder af Ridsport Cup Finale (Sverige)

DM nr.2
NM nr.2
NM Hold nr.1
EM nr.8
Vinder af Grand Prix Tourhout (Beligen)
Vinder af Ridsport Cup Finale (Sverige)

NM Hold nr.2
DM Hold nr.1
Vinder af Grand Prix Moorsele (Belgien)

DM Hold nr.2

NM nr.1
NM Hold nr.1
DM Hold nr.1
DM YR nr.3
Vinder af Grand Prix Vilhelmsborg (Danmark)

EM B-Finale nr.1 Bernstorffsparken (Danmark)
DM Hold nr.2
DM YR nr.2
NM nr.3
NM hold nr.1

DM Hold nr.2

”Mest vindende” CSI Meppel (Holland)

DM Hold nr.1

DM Hold nr.1

DM Hold nr.1
Nr. 4 i 7 års finale Falserbo (Sverige)

DM Hold nr.2
Vinder af Grand Prix CH De Wolden CSI** (Holland)

DM Hold nr.2


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